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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Jun 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapAustria - Possibly the most beautiful place we´ve been to so far. Elegant, clean, sophisticated, spectacular...


When we arrived in Vienna we were advised that the biggest wine festival of the year/europe was on. GREEEAT.

Sixteen wineries exibiting on the mountain in the Austrian Wine Region.

Four different wines to taste at each tent.

Taste size - much bigger than normal.

The look on our face when we realised we were pissed at the first tent. Priceless.

Squatting among the vines by the third tent. Hilarious.

Smashing two glasses along the way. Stupid.

The look on our tour guides drunken face when he realised he left someone in the wineries. Very Priceless.

The look on our face when our tour guide passed out among the vines whilst looking for our lost comrad. f--king priceless.

Our reaction when we found out our Busabout guide was AJ Divine´s cousin. Nothing short of spectacular.

The look on the REST of the tours face when we jumped onto the table yelling ´Do, A Deer, A Female Deer....´ in prepartion for the Sound of music tour. Horrified.

The tour seeing Bridge´s white shorts disappear into the vines followed by some suspiscious vomit noises. Fantastic.

Passing out on the way home. Fine Form.

Our tour guide spewing as we all exited the bus. Gross.

Thirteen hours of tasting Austrias finest wines. The Highlight!

That is all.