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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Jul 2006

Location: 20 hour ferry!, Greece

MapHello All!

We are on our way to Greece! Yes on the 20 hour ferry! We left Italy yesterday and will arrive in Greece this afternoon! YAY!

So far the Greeks have been very smelly, very dirty, and very rude!!! hehe...

Well we will just give you a quick run down of our other adventures!

Salzburg was amazingly beautful, and the hills were alive with the sound of music! Yes, we did go on the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and it was GREAT!! they played the soundtrack on the bus and we definitely sung along! it was great to get out of the main city and see the other small towns nearby because they were so beautiful! we saw the von-trap house, the gazebo featured in the "16 going on 17" scence. the abbey, the do-re-me hill, steps they jusmped up....and much much more!
The Australia singlets also appear in the photos as that night was the horrible game against Italy! we watched in the square in salzburg...and later went to the local beer house to drown our sorrows with the other aussies in some 1litre beers!

We were only in Munich for one night but still had a great time! we got there in the afternoon and went to the FAN FEST, due to the Berlin one being so great!!! And it was great! we arrived just after Brazil had won their game and they were all dancing and going crazy to songs such as "la chuharacha" (dont know how to spell) anyways they were dancing and being filmed on the BIG screen so we were right in there! Mel grabbed a Brazillin flag and we danced around until we were the main attraction on the big screen! it was great! we also have pics of it that we will put up soon! We then went to see a few sights of Munich, yes the WAVE in the middle of town! what the? Then finally to the famous HOFBRAU HOUSE! full of Aussies singing walzing matilda and so on! HUGE 1 LITRE beers... biggest beer house ever! We got the traditional German meal of pork steak, sauer kraut and dumplings! very good with the beer, very filling!

Munich is pretty cool, the girls will have a great time there for OKTOBERFEST...our tickets do take us back there so we might see some more!

Then we headed to Venice...

This is where i have to stop as it is 6euro for 1 hour here!!!!!!

love you all
promise will put up photos soon!!!