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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Athens, Greece

MapWell, we have arrived safely in Athens... Finally.

Venice was truly amazing. We had a fantastic time there. We stayed out of the town in a campsite with air conditioned cabins. This was the first time we actually felt like we are on a holiday!!! This was our last chance to get drunk with many of our busabout buddies as we were heading off to the Greek Islands, and everyone was doing different things. Lucking, the campsite had a good pub. And a supermarket with cheap wine....

Anyway, onto Venice. The first day we arrived and immediately got lost around the many small but beautiful streets on the main Island. This was probably the best way to see Venice as we spent hours exploring the different alleyways, bridges and canals. We ate plenty of pizza, pasta and gelati - it was fantastic! We also went to St Marco's Square and got attacked by pigeons! There were thousands of dirty pigeons in the square.. so gross. They were all over the tourists! We were running around screaming 'Bird!!' Idiots. I swear at one point someone purposely threw seeds at us just to see our reaction. Duds.

The second day we went on a lovely gondola ride! It was great! We cruised around the canals and got lots of historical information about the sites from our guide - including where Casanova lived, and also that Nicolas Cage had been in our gondola! The last night we got Extremely pissed. Extremely. There were many shots.. see photos. Italians have no concept of a 30 ml shot, they are all free poured and well over 70 ml each shot. dangerous stuff, especially when you have to catch a 6 hour bus at 8am followed by a 22 hour ferry to greece. Possibly one of the worst days of our lives. All in all a great time was had in Venice!