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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Jul 2006

Location: Santorini, Greece

MapHello from beautiful SANTORINI!!!

we havent been able to get much internet time over here..cause we have been so LAZY!!!

you wont believe we ran into LUCY GLADE-WRIGHT in ios yesterday! so we had a few TOO many drinks with her and some other girls and headed to a BIG LOUD GIRLS THAI DINNER!! it was great...we also stole our tour guides mobile phone....called amelia on it, as well as a few others and texted some really imbarrassing messages to most of the people in it before it ran out of credit..!
Very funny!!!!

We spent 2 nights in mykonos, 2 nights in paros and 4 nights in ios... we have 2 nights here before we head back to italy!

hope all is well with everyone!!!!!!!!!!
love to you all