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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Jul 2006

Location: Roma, Italy


We are in the very very hot Roma! It is 38 degrees here right now, hence why we are sitting in the air conditioned internet cafe wasting time... It makes it very difficult to do tours around the Colosseum and wait 3 hours in lines to get into the Vatican. However, we did. And it was great. In the Colosseum, we saw the most amazing things, there were lions and elephants fighting each other, and gladiators fighting to the death... Yes, this would have been true had be been there 2000 years ago. Unfortunately, we were not. However, we did each take a moment to sit and imagine... Not on seats, though, as they are gone. As is half the building. Oh well it was still interesting. In interesting fact you may not know is that the Romans used triangular bricks insead of rectangular for 2 reasons: engineering and economic. We are lucky enough to know this as the bricks are now exposed due to the lack of marble and an earthquake back in the day.

We went to the Trevi fountain and dodged flying coins, also another must see in 39 degree weather. At the fountain we did a photoshoot of bird. BIRD. And some other random stupid photos that drew a lot of attention to ourselves. As always. We know you will all await eagerly for us to post these. Lets just say, they are great.

In St Peters Bascilia, we tagged along with someone elses tour for free to save a few euros. We seem to have gotten quite good at this sort of thing. We may have even batted our eyelids when he realised there were 2 randoms at the very front of his group asking questions. We fancy ourselves quite the tour nerds. Always finding ourselves at the front of the tours raising our hands. In joy. As you can see we are slightly delerius due to the amazingly hot temperature and the excessive amount of espresso we have drunk today. It is just sooo nice. PING...


Ciao Bellas and Bruntos.

You guys probably dont know what that means, which may be a good thing... but we do still love you. Even if you are a Brunto. Yes, thats you.

Ciao Ciao