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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Jul 2006

Location: Florence, Italy

MapHi! We are in the very lovely FIRENZE!

This place is amazing, love it!!! I think my (Bridge) new aim in life is to study art here! It is soooooo great. We arrived 2 nights ago and came into town with the rest of the Busabout group for dinner and some drinks. We had the biggest dinner ever! Four courses... the first course was really yummy bruschetta, second course was two different types of pasta, third course was steak with salad and chips, followed by very yummy gelati! YUM. We then went next door to the bar and had one of the strongest cocktails of our life! By cocktail we mean, a glass full of vodka, with a drop of lime cordial..... ewwwwww.....

Yesterday we spent a couple of hours in the Uffizi gallery, a massive art gallery full of renaissance paintings and statues. It was beautiful, Mel was looooosing it... haha We had to go have a 'time out' at the cafe half way through... We then did some shopping (no more purchases...) around the town.

Today we left our backpacker friends at the bus stop and headed down to check out Prada, Gucci, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, and more.. We contemplated eating brekky at the 'Roberto Cavalli Cafe' as the food looked AMAZING but then decided we couldn't risk being sprung sipping fabulous cappuccinos in there by our Busabout friends.....Also, it seemed like the Firenze jet set was in there eating, and Bridge's backpack was just not cutting it..

Anyways, we are trying to stay out of the heat as the heat wave doesnt seem to be subsiding any time soon...

Miss you all so much!!!! Hope all is well at home!

Love US

p.s. We are up to 531 hits on our site, and have decided that we are going to have a '600 hits' party when we get there. We have estimated that at the rate we are going it will be in NICE, France, So keep checking the site, we are really excited about the party.....and the pic from it will be great!