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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Jul 2006

Location: Nice, France

MapHi All!

We are in the beautiful French Riviera..we drive in through the coast along Monaco etc and it all looks so amazingly US! hehe, very glamorous cant wait to go there..

We spent 4 great nights in the Cinque Terre before heading to france.. the cinque terre is 5 small towns along the italian coast. they all resemble mini Positanos, very nice! We did some intense walking up to 8km in one day.. and we are not talking a straight path, we are talking serious hiking up massive cliffs! so proud of ourselves! Bridge has got some serious muscle definition going on in her legs!

Tonight we are getting a visitor! Yes thats right Amelia is coming to Nice to stay with us so we can all swan around Monaco, St Tropez TOGETHER...perhaps even do a little star spotting! the last busabout tour saw Jack Nicolson...!

Anyways hope all is well with everyone!!!

ps. Cloudy and alex you duds should have given us more notice about Sardinia!!!! hope you have fun there!!!!!!!!!!