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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: Nice, France

MapHello Everyone!!

Its been a while since our last diary entry, so i bet your all eager to hear what we have been up to :)

Well, we spent 7 nights in Nice. We had Amelia come and visit us for 4 nights which was really nice to see someone from home.. for all of you who are confused, it was not amelia ramsay!

The french riviera is amazing! Everybody is just sooo RICH!!! Well, we went on a day trip to Saint Tropez! This was a tour which included a boat cruise around billionaires bay and saint tropez for 2 hours, with all you can DRINK!!! Bridge unfortuanately was sick so she couldnt come. So only myself (mel) and amelia went..
As some of you may know.. pammy anderson married kid rock in the bay of St Tropez, this was only a few days before we went there. We were hoping to see her on the island, but we heard she was out on her boat! DEVO!!! Another famous person in town was AL PACHINO! pretty cool hey!!! so basically we got really drunk, cruising around and being shown all famous peoples houses.. it was a fantastic day! then they dropped us on Saint Tropez to wander around... this was very interesting as we had had alot of VINO!!!

Anyways im babbling on and on....we also went to Monaco, which was so amazing..we sat out the front of the casino and watched all the amazing cars drive past. We went to the prince of Monacos private car collection, which was HUGE!! and just basically walked around the shops.. We also went to Cannes one day, yes we did get up on the Red Carpet of the Film Festival hall and make people take photos of us until they pretty much had to kick us off!!! hehe

So much to tell!!!

We have just come back to Nice for one night on our way to BARCELONA!!! YAY spain finally!!! i cant wait!!!
We have just spent 5 amazing days in the SWISS ALPS!!! So amazing, it is alot of peoples FAVORITE places on the circuit! We definitely fell in love with the place!!

Will give further updates another day!!!!!

love you all...