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bridgeandmel’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006

Location: France

MapHi Everyone!!

We are currently sitting in a gutter in paris... using a friends laptop.. we know you guys are all so eager to hear where we are right now and how great of a time we had in spain..

so here is a quick rundown on our spanish adventures:

-dancing till dawn in Barcelona and telling the DJ's they were the best ever (slurring)
-barclona graffiti
-many tapas, paella and sangria
-shopping in Barcelona!
-Cruising down la ramblas
-sleeping til 3pm in valencia
-having our friend mike suprise us in madrid and stalk us to San Sebastian
-Beach in San good to see waves...the mediteranean was more like a LAKE
-so many tapas bars in San Sebastian
-amazing fireworks displays everynight for the european fireworks championships
-buying beads with our gay friend and sitting on the beach making bracelets
-getting drunk with our busabout buddies as it was our last stop before heading back to paris and then on to Hong Kong!

-saying goodbye to our friends
-mistaking grapa for vodka in valencia and bridge paying the consequences of the mistake in the nightclub toilet

well we have one day left in paris tomorrow to do some serious shopping etc... absolutely love it here!!!

love you all, see you soon!!!!!!
prepare for the party!!!