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Simon’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: Fethiye, Turkey

MapGidday there folks,

Sorry about the time lapse between last entry, thank to everyone who is reading and sending messages, great to recieve them all.

We are in Fethiye in Turkey at the moment, will give a run down on what's been happening.

Well we had a really great time on Santorini, we did everything we wanted to while we were there. We did a lot of snorkelling and sunbathing but also quite a lot of sightseeing and tripping around the island. Where we were camping was right on the beach so the daily routine was basically get up, breakfast, hit the beach, swim, snorkel, sunbath and read a book then repeat until the sun became too much. Did quite a bit of walking also. On the second day there we hired a scooter and headed off to the red beach. When we hired the scooter we didn't realise that a) it was the loudest scooter on the island and the users were required to wear earplugs, b) that it was a piece of crap and that going up hills it would overheat and boil over and c) that the seat was incredibly hard and caused the riders to get serious piles! Anyway we got going and at the red beach saw masses of people trying to get a small piece of beach, we decided to take some shots and head to a less crowded place, also while we were there bumped into Jane Donald and Ben Fitchet, good to catch up with them. From there we hit Kamari and a few other smaller beaches then on to Fira and Oia then home. The bloody bike wouldn't start after calling in for some food so we were livered by the time we returned it, anyway a good day was had.

Third day we tried to organise ticket to get to Rhodes, what a mission! The only ferry going went every 3 days and took nineteen hours and the next one was full, so after a major amount of mucking around we booked a flight online, 45 minute journey time, sweet as. The only bugger was we didn't get to Naxos as we had planned but no worries still plenty to do where we were. The next day was a day on the local beach then the day after we hired another bike this time a quad and did the trip round the island again, there was a wind that day and unfortunately red beach was under heavy swell. Caught a sunset at Oia and then home for one of the strangest meals I've ever had. If you've got a weak stomach stop reading now. We went to a grill house and I ordered a meal, it was something like Kosteraki or something, and it cinsisted of lambs organs, lung, liver, spleen, kidney, all skewered onto a spike then wrapped with the casings of small intestines and grilled on a rotissary over coals, similar to souvlaki. It was really rich and I couldn't eat it all, but gave it a good shot, Ben you would have mowed it.

The day we left was caught the plane to Rhodes and got in at about 6pm. Hooked up with an Aussie girl, Mel and headed into the city found the hostel and headed out. Rhodes city was awesome, a huge medievil fortified old city with bustling streets and awesome atmosphere. Went to a taverna recommended by the hostel owner, dropped his name and were treated like royalty. Had a good look around the city the next day, did a tour on a little red train with a hard case guys driving, everyone in Rhodes seemed to know him, he had women crying in the streets this guys so he must be a legend. Caught the ferry to Marmaris at 4pm then bus to Fethiye and found a pension. At this stage had another 2 aussies with us and so 5 of us headed out for a meal. Had a brilliant night out, great food and some shisha pipe for dessert, no its nothing illegal!

Today we headed to a really great beach, caught a bus there. Tomorrow going to a gorge and some ruins then Saturday morning doing a 'Blue Cruise' to Olympos, 3 nights, 4 days, should be mint. Anyway hope all is well where ever you are.

Bye until next time.