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Simon’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Sep 2006

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapGuten Tag,

Hows it going ? We are in Vienna, arrived yesterday from Slovenia. We are counting down now to the end of our trip, we fly back to the UK on the 18th of September so the prospect of going back to work is slowly sinking in! Anyway will update you on what has been happening in Europe with us.

We left Croatia on the 5th of Sep and bused it up to Ljubljana arriving early evening. The change in the environment was quite sudden, just after crossing the border we were seeing high hills covered in green forest and rolling green pastures spread out before them. Quite refreshing to have a change of scenery. We had a hostel room out of town so caught a bus out there and checked in. We were quite tired so we went to a local restaurant that ended up being Chinese, it was quite weird to be in Europe eating asian food, but good for a change. The following day we hit the town for a sight seeing mission and managed to get in all the major sights, including a great view from the castle over the city and also a long stroll down the river plus a few city parks. That night we found a very authentic Slovene restaurant, it was quite similar to Austrian/German food we though, but all good. I had a bit of a novelty starter, onion soup in a bread cup. Awesome that you can eat the cup once the soup is finished.

On the 7th we left the capital and headed north an hour or so into Bled. This place is really amazing for its scenery. The town is beside a small lake surrounded by forest clad hills. There is a small island at one end of the lake with a church perched on top. Also they have a castle atop a high lakeside bluff making it a picture postcard place. We rented and apartment here which was really handy and then spent 4 nights there. We walked round the lake visited the castle, spent a morning canyoning and visited a nearby lake called Bohinj. We really enjoyed our time there especially the canyoning. This was basically jumping, sliding and abseiling down a creek at the bottom of a small canyon. Our guide was brilliant making it all the better. We thought that the region was a lot like NZ especially Bohinj. We decided to go to Vienna from Bled, we had also toyed with the idea of Switzerland but for some reason decided on Austria.

We caught a train here yesterday and found a hostel nearby. After watching the US open until late the night before we were pretty tired so had some drinks and headed to bed. Today we have spent the day exploring the city. It is a fairly interesting city, loads of great buildings with stunning architecture, also heaps of sculptures and fountians etc. I think we will stay for three nights here then spend a night in Salzburg before hitting Munich.

Gidday to everyone whos still reading, catch again soon.

Simon and Keryn