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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Jun 2006

Location: Calais, France

MapDay 1. 19.06.06
Packing our life into Whalerider the aptly named chariot of the boys for the four month tour. After a small incident a few Thursday nights ago, which ended in eviction for the boys from the longstanding Kiwi abode of 82 Rannoch Road we cut our losses and arranged to meet the landlord to discuss the situation at 5.00 at 2.30pm the front was door left flapping in the crappy London breeze and the silver bullet of a van cuized out of the city on the M20.
The five Kiwi lads were reasonably quiet, maybe a hint of emotion mixed with the 3000 watt stereo system and the end of a long cold expensive era and the beginning of what the boys had been dreaming about for six months.
We arrived in Dover in time for a few quiets and a bit of castle appreciation before boarding the ferry with its stringent border control which turned our van inside out, Yea Right! They didnít even manage to check all the passports.
Arrived in Calais just after midnight driving off the ferry on the right hand side of the road was a bit of a challenge for the driver but we managed to find a free car park where the five of us all managed to get a space of their own in the van and call it a night, hopefully that is not an experience that will have to be repeated too often!