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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jul 2006

Location: Spain

MapDay 15: 3/7

Woke this morning with a bit of a group mission get the mountains of washing done as its getting a bit smelly around here and we have already scene Cam rotate the 2 shirts he has more time than times than we would like to remember. Also get the muffler fixed on the Whalerider as it starting cough and spew gas like a Chilman after a night on the piss. Camo and Chris went down to the local garage with the campsite owner who is turned out to be a bit on of character. The rest headed to St Sebastian and then to Lasanti to find a Landry. With the help on a nice Spanish girl Hizy found who took us to one but it was closed on a Monday sweet., the girl then offered to wash Hizy’s underwear at her place . We ended up doing all the washing by hand in the basins at the campsite. What a mission!!!. Got on the piss with the owner who is a complete Legend, he hooked us up with ice wich is gold in these parts. Dirty dirty sangria.