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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Jul 2006

Location: Spain

MapDay 17,18,19,20
Paid our respects to Ricardo and the Whalerider rumbled out of town and off to the famous El milino camp site in Pentigorria 30mins out of Pampalona. Rumbled through some wicked old towns and countryside, Whalerider barley making it over the arse end of the Piranease. El milino was heaving, 3000 people in party mode, skimpy Bikinis floating around everywhere and too our welcome surprise more Kiwis than ozies, the party was on. Quick unpack before beers barby and some poolside action.
Whalerider support crew was extended with the addition of Phil, and Mountain who became very attached to the beer bong as well as the gas bottle.
The running of the Bulls the following morning was one hell of a rush all the boys makn it through unscathed, afew other runners were not so lucky tho, But with that box ticked it was time to tick of the many boxes of San Migeal taking up most of the room in the back seat, it might not have been ice cold but Old San went down in a hurry.
King AKA the Ron took to the river with the lylo and with 200 cheering onlookers lacing the banks, Ron ran the El milino Rapids in style as only the Ron could do with the Spanish evening sun glistening of the mullet and Mo. Aside from Ron on linenís efforts Peppers 4day marathon was something that will go down in history amongst Van tour legends.
El milno and the running of the Bulls 06; Poolside, free pouring, 30degrees, Ron, Gas bottles solid crew,Ö. ya mudda!