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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Monday, 10 Jul 2006

Location: Spain

Map10th July Day in A Coruna
Bar to population ratio is very encouraging. Nick headed of with Daina to Porto for a few days. The boys found a bar that opens out onto the sand, and a bar policy of free poring gins into huge red wine glasses. ( free pouring is definitely the new black and involves the bar staff bringing the bottle or bottles out to the table and free poring until you need 2 hands on the glass to tell them how many fingers strong you want it. Good afternoon and evening at the free poor bar and a mission home.

11th July A Coruna to Porto, the home of Port.
Caught up with Nick and found campsite in the middle of town. Amazing city and the boys spent the day cruising and taking it all in. Splashed out on a boat cruise, huge contrast between the old and the new parts of the city, very cheap eating and drinking and very welcoming people as long as you make it clear from the start that you are from N.Z and you are not Poms. Very hot local girls.

12th July Porto to almost Lagos
The call was made to make a run for it and head for Lagos for huge beach party and a catch up with all the other Vans. With Cammo at the wheel and King keen to prove his critics wrong with the map Whalerider cut a path down the Portugease coast the boys partying it up in the back the 3000 watts goin for it. One of the best days on the road the crew has had until 70km North of Lagos the party stopped as Whalerider spluttered and ground to a halt. With the distributor points fried the boys had about as much as Leitchys mum jokes, Nick and Hizi hitched into the next town, finding a garage that was closing for the weekend, a tow proved pretty hard to come buy so it was barby and a few beers and a night roadside for the boys.

13th The amazing race
Chris and Cammo hitched into town with a crazy driving local who turned out to be bloody helpful. Very small town Portugal, absolutely no English, drawings, sign language sum more hitching and a mad flyblown mongrel dog and the boys got a tow sorted for the van.
The garage was closed until Monday, but meet an old lady who took it upon her self to look after the van over the weekend letting us park it up outside her place right next to the garage telling us that she would shoot anyone who tried to break into Whalerider.
The boys grabbed a day bag and the amazing race was on, 7 boys in a hitching race to Largos. Nick King and Cammo landing the ride of the day with straight ride to the campsite in largos with to lovely Belgium girls, the other boys coming in over the next few hours. Beach Party all good.

14th July Beachside
Spent the day beachside, a few cliff jumps and some catching up with the other vans, Mashed, Fukrwe, Thomas the tanked engine, mashed, van wilder, L.D.V some classic groups of guys L.D.V having 14 people crammed into a van smaller than ours. Crazy nightlife with beer bongs at the bar.