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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Jul 2006

Location: Portugal


The return of the Whalerider.
2 boys hired a car and burned back to sort out the old girl, proving very easy and very cheap to get her sorted. So with cheers from the boys and the other vans whale rider rolled into Largos. Had a bit of a welcome back party for her. Nick deciding that if he tied the keys to himself there would be know way he could possibly loose them, yea well down to last set.

The welcome home party carried on with some solid beachside action. Hizie joining Ron on the cuddling front, speaking of Ron the mullet and mo are still in dazzling form

17th July
Leitchy and King headed of to Morocco in Mick and Amyís van, the couple that picked up 2 of the boys in the amazing race and have ended up cruising with us.
After a busy few days the other boys decided on some relaxing beachside.
The Whalerider support crew of Hizi and Lang left the boys to carry on there too dry tour of Europe, solid work boys was a pleasure catch ya soon.

Leitchy and King do Morocco:

Day 1

Leitch and king drove down to Gablitar with Amy and Mick which is part of the UK go figure. Place is just a bid ass rock on the southern tip of France. stayed the night there.

Day 2

We found out that the ferries donít go to Africa from Gib anymore so back over the border to Spain again and on to a town called Terrifa then a 35 minute boat ride to Tangres in Morocco. After a 35 minute walk though a city that look like it had defiantly seen better times we arrived at the train station and grabbed a train to Casablanca. Casa was a bit of a dump to be honest but hey at least it cheap.

Day 3

Walked around Casa markets and Leitch kept getting approached to buy hash one guy offered him a whole KG the same wanted to buy Amy off Mick for a 100 camels and 10 kegs of hash we laughed but he wasnít joking. At that we thought if might be time to leave Casa so back to the train station and off to Marrakech. That night we dined on snails, sheap head and seafood, with the best thing being the sheep head by far King lead the charge on this one we was like a kid in a candy store.

Day 4

Went on a sarfari to a waterfall in the atlas mountains on the western end of the Sahara desert. This walk fall might have been good if you were an arab that grew up in the desert but this couple of kiwi boys had seen a lot better in good old NZ. Caught the overnight train back to Tangiers which was hell people getting on and off the train at all hours of the night. King went to sleep and woke up to find nice pair of grotty Moroccan feed on his face.

Day 5

Crossed back over the ditch to Spain and drove up to meet the boys in servile on the 21st.