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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Jul 2006

Location: Spain

Tavaira to Sevilla
The Tiki tour around town in 40degrees almost unsettling the boys, before finding campsite and winding down poolside. Kel and Kristy ( flaties from London) poping in for a visit.

Leitchy, Ron, Mick and Amy return from Morroco. We have fluked the timing of our visit to Seville and arrived over the festival weekend. Head into town for the street party and flamenco dancing.

23rd July
Morroco guts.
Ron and Leitchy get a present from the 3rd world and spend the day and night spewing and shitting like champions, not good at the best of times the 40degrees really making it a character building few days for the boys. Others just run some sangrias a few salmons and a marlon, poolside with Spain supplying an aray of freaks for some quality people watching. Boys get value for money with riverting boat cruise, Kel and Kristy head of.

24th July
Sevilla to Granada
The boys starting to come right no sign of solids though
Stop in at the Alhambra ( huge palace overlooking the city) cues to long, decide to park up and head back in tomorrow, find campsite cut into the hills.
Mick does well with meat supply mission into town, good kiwi barby in the hills of Granada. The Morocco effect jumping ship and giving Cammo 6 hours of free pouring action.