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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 29 Jul 2006

Location: Spain

Map25th july
Granada to Valencia
Boys all pretty much recovered cammo getting an easy run. Stop in at Alambra for some palace appreciation.

26th July
Team N.Z
Had a day around the town, headed down to the Americas cup Village, Had a beer at the loaded hog (very random) listened to some kiwi tunes and gave the boys a big cher when they headed in from there days training out on the water. A samlon was spoted jumping in the viaduct.

27th July
Valencia to Barcelona,
Big day on the road. Nick and Leitchy got it dry when there macoroni cheese turned out to be a plate of old cheese and 5 pieces of stale bread pretty good value for 6 euro really.
Caught up with the Hit Takers at a campsite just out of the city.
Nick Chris and Cammo headed of early morning to Paris for the Rolling stones concert.

28th July
Boys had a day out with the hit takers, Hormanimal laying some ground work with a hot blondie b4 mogs left the hitting and did some taking.
Boys had day around Paris before an epic concert.

29th July Barcelona
Day of Gauldi Appreciation and an evening of Gordans appreciation.