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Whalerider Boys’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 26 Aug 2006

Location: Albania


Drove through Albainia and Serbia to Croatia, absolute mission, took us 12 hours to drive 250km, had to deal with pot holes you could swim in, bugger all signposting, random Albanians with donkeys and hay bails the size of a small houses on the moterway, good experience but definatley a once off.
Albainia apart from the roads had the potential to be a beautiful place but was so far run down the main road was more of a goat track in most parts. Cammo had a small run in with a traffic cop in serbia but got into the bribing, which seems to be the go in these parts and got back on the road for 30euros. Boys got into sum moterway beer exchanging. Some more bribing on the border and an early morning arrival in Croatia, free camped over looking Debrovnic.