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ashl&Trish’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Jul 2006

Location: Otranto, Italy

So Italy won the world cup the other night and it was pretty crazy here. Not quite like whyte ave though. Instead of flashing, breaking random things and climbing on light poles there was fireworks and lots lots of dancing. They had a pretty rad parade too! Everyone just drove down the street with their cars honking and then there was a construction crane that lifted the italian flag. Haha. Nonna has calmed down a bit and has gone to visit some sisters\relatives in Maglie. Today we are heading off to the beach for some rays. We are heading to rome and pompei later on this week for a few days. Trish is doing well in her quest to try all of the flavors of gelato...only like 25 more to try!
Anyways...we are trying to put some pics up right away but are having problems with the computers...soon soon.
Talk to you later
ash & trish