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ronaldo’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Aug 2006

Location: el jadida, Morocco

Maphi all sorry my page isnt much cop but my camera is busted so cant upload any snaps. so far ive been to barcelona cordoba tangier fes and el jadida. i am currently in el jadida on the coast its only 50 degrees outside so im keeping a cardi with me at all times. fes was a real eye opener its an old run down city with hints of the old french empire regime but as you move further to the city centre you can tell its now well and truly arab and muslim. id recommend a visit however you cant stick it for to long its so humid and so over populated but a good experience. cordoba in the south of spain was awesome and i recommend every one to go its beautiful untouched southern spain with a mix of arab and christian together very weird. its the real spain though so eveyone is really friendly and well up for a laugh.
tangier is a dump and not much going on most people use it as a stop off as they continue down morroco as did we. el jadida is nice were just kicking back and relaxing until the next part of our trip however i have made some friends in the hostel bloody cockroaches so as yopu can tell not the cleanest but very cheap though. i feel like an alien cause all the muslims in full robes sun bathe in 50 degree heat while i strut around bearing my rippling muscles. it is funny to watch a muslim sun bathe you should do it if you get the chance. well im off to marakech next so ill try and find a computer however they are few and far between. sorry about my poor grammer im typing on an arabic keyboard its very hard ive been typing for four hours now. ha ha only joking just three. goodbye to all look forward to hearing from you. harry