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ronaldo’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Aug 2006

Location: sevilla, Spain

Mapwell another few days have passed and my time is rapidly running out. i´ve left morroco with fond memories especially of the people theyre literally the friendliest people. of course there are some exceptions for instance i got massively conned in fes but it was a bit of a gamble taking an illegal guide anyway you live and you learn. this man was massively dodgy aswell cause he tried to tell me he was french and showed what looked to be a sticker of zidane but with his own head on!!! the train ride from el jadida was an experience i will never forget and probaly never do again it was mental. one train leaves there a day and everyone wants to be on it the rush was unbelievable there were women screaming and punching people, men in tears and dogs howling at the sight. i sat back and laughed thinking what a load of jokers its only a two hour journey why dont they wait for the rush to die and sit in a corridor which was my plan. very clever you might think.......not so clever actually!!! The rush didnt go and i realised unless i went mental like the rest i was spending another night here!!!!! oh shit. i then proceeded to scream howl and cry my way through the teaming crowds and knowone batted an eye lid as this is the norm on the morrocan railways. marakesh through up a new kettle of fish. we arrived but the hostel we booked had forgotten us and over booked and it seemed there was no space at any inn in the whole of marakesh even the really skanky ones with no walls roof or bed!!!!!! do not fear though cause i had the number of a man from marakesh who id met on the train and he had said ring him if any probs occured. well it was getting on for 11pm in a dodgy part of the old medina and it seemed like a problem that deserved a phone call. SIMO (our saviour) picked up and replied to our french request with cries of no probs ill be there in no time. he then proceeded to take me and silvia to his home on the back of his mo ped and put us up and also acted as a shit hot guide for therest of our time there it was amazing. i also saw a snake charmer which was awesome of course snakes were present to!!!!! i only wish i had photos to show now ill definately upload some as soon as i can. i´m in the beautiful southern spanish city of sevilla now and if knowones been before its definatly worth a couple of days here its a very cool city in that its steeped with history but still maintains a quite modern feel and its not as crowded as barca!!! im off to madrid tomorrow then im off to paris for the final leg of the journey. skinner i hope the guest list to our party for my birthday but mainly house warming and the grand opening of the yet to be named house bar is full of good people who deserve there place and will bring lots of booze¿ i will try and grace the party with as much deadly foreign booze as poss. dave and gitsy i hope youre are both keeping well and having awesome times still and uncle havey i have an awesome picture of quite an angry looking camel so i hope youre especially excited. take care everyone peace out and love to all ya mothers