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marleyb’s Travel Diary

Friday, 28 Jul 2006

Location: Munich, Germany

MapHi there peeps,
Well we finished in the Czech Republic and went to Vienna for 4 nights, going to a terrible night club with grossly over priced drinks and Euro house music. We visited a Royal palace which was beautiful but mainly just swam in the Danube for 2 days. The water was so clear you could see as deep as anyone dared go and the lack of a current and the weather made it a great few days out. Natalia had a but too much of the local wine to drink (a glass or so) then decided to swim across the river and back (200m+ each way) which she made look like she was swimming the channel, nearly collapsing on her return, but thankfully she made it. (A bed to differ on that point) Vienna is a nice city but I think the fact that we found such a nice swimming spot made us not do as many touristy things as we should have.
Next we went to Munich which is beautiful, gothich churches, huge farmers markets with loads of great sights and smells tempting countless hungry backpackers, large parks and the 3 largest beer gardens in the world. Again we spent most of our time in a huge man made park which has canals of fast flowing water running through it. Complete with a "surf wave" with inner city surfers, rapids and some slower flowing parts for swiming. So we managed to find the "nudist beach" striped off and went swimming for anouther 2 days. The first day again Natalia tried to try some of the local alchohol, 12% beer which is served by the litre and a half so needless to say after 2 mouthfuls she needed a little sleepy in the afternoons sun. We did quite alot of wandering around the streets of munich as well, with its small back streets and great architecture we could quite happily just explore for hours.
On the 27th Natalia visited the Disney castle (from the title sequences of all the films) which is by all accounts beautiful and as soon as we can we'll post some pictures here, unfortunately however I started to run low on cash so decided to cut short my travels and return to England a bit early on the free bus which had taken us there. Obviously it was terrible leaving each other in strange European cities but I'm sure she'll be fine in Venice where she's off to today then Rome before heading on to Rivelo to meet up with her dad and Co.
I however spent one night in Paris on the way back and went out for a night cap with a few other travellers from my bus. Unfortunately the night cap turned into a rather lively affair as a pub with 25 Aussie travellers would, resulting in me oversleeping and missing my coach home! Hmmm, When I did get up just in time to see my coach driving off down the road luckily I had just enough left to catch the Eurostar and head home after a root march of 5 miles with my backpack across Paris hung over, which I'm sure you'll guess was great fun! Anyway I'm back in England now saving to re-meet up with Natlia at some point near Rivelo or after that for the Tomatoe festival in Spain (a 3 day 5000 person food fight) so fingers crossed for that one and I'll be following her progress, like you on this site as I've told her to keep the diary entries going.
Much love to all!

Marley and Nat!