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marleyb’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 08 Aug 2006

MapHello!! I am so sorry for this last entry taking so long but the internet in Italy has not been cheap!! Any how. I am well and having a fantastic time.
It was quite a shock at first travelling alone. I know it was my intention all along but when it actually happened it was rather a shock. When Marley left in Munich i still had a couple of days left in the city and some friends at another hostel. So i moved back to where i knew some people so not to feel so alone! As you all know i am not realy much of a drinker let alone beer so being in Munich some might say was a tad pointless, never the less i still enjoyed the company of friends at the Opera house beer garden ( Signature mark HB ) where traditional German music and food overwhelmed the night. This beer garden was however a little special as it turned out this was the place Adolf Hiltler gave his first political speech. One of the Aussie guys who was with us was a history teacher and was able to point out of the details and facts. The next day i head of to the Disney Castle a gruling 4 hour train journey outside of Munich. I have always remembered the poster i had in my class room when i was 10 of the castle and asking my teacher where it was and was determined one day to go and see it. So this being a little dream of mine i paid the inclusive 40 and had a guided tour to the castle. It was simply magnificent. I took a hell of a lot of photos! It was just how i had imagined. The Gentleman how built it King Ludwig II was a little bit of a nutter so i am told. Ludwig never finnished the castle as he died before it was completed and spent a total of 156 days in the castle overseeing its progress.Ludwig was not fond of women and reportedly had certain encounters with other men hence.He dedicated the castle to Wagner (i think i spelt that terribly wrong ) so it contained many elements that appear in Wagner's plays ie many motifes of swans, and loves. As well as a mini theater and artificial cave between Ludwigs study and lounge. The decor and design was stunning possibly enhanced by the fact it has never been lived in and from its construction has been perfectly preserved. I have very fond memoires of the day and hope to now find my prince charming and live in my Fiary tale book castle....................hmmmmm
After Munich i headed for Venice the bus journey was long and tiring and when we finaly reached i was exhausted! One of the aussies i had been travelling with since Prague was heading into the city as he had only the one night. So i decided to accompany him into the famous maze of cannals. When we jumped on the shuttle bus the sun was shinning by the time we hopped of the sky had turned a meanacing dark blue/grey colour and was firing lighting across the city. Everyone was running and huge blustery winds took street sings and rubbish bins flying. We got absolutely drenched and both wearing white and flip flops were terribly unprepared. Despite the weather it turned out to be a lovely evening! We found this quaint Italian resturant and sat for about 2 hours drinking wine and having Pizza ( one, if not the best pizza i have ever had !) My first night in Venice turned out a little differrent than expected but if anything it has made it more memorable, one of thouse nights i will never forget.
The next day i saw i much transformed city from the deserted blustery one i had seen the previous night. The sun was shining and made the water of the cannals sparkle brightly. I walked around the city in awe. Around every corner is a picture opportunity. It is one of the most unique, beautiful cities i think i will ever see. Initaly what strikes you is the lack of cars which creats a silence rarley found in a main city. This alloud the sounds of the every day Venecians to echo out into the streets. The 5 nights i spent in Venice i lived predominatly on Slices of Pizza ( 1.50 for a huge slice) and gilato which was hevenly refreshing in the humidity. I spent all of my days roaming around getting lost and discovering little untouched squares where i would sit and listen to the buskers for hours. I never made it on a gondala ride as they are very expensive if you are doing it alone, but i have promised myself i will be back when i have a bit more money to spend. Venice is one of those citys where you could wine and dine all day long and never get board. There is so much i could say about this little island but my time on the computer is running out so i will just skip to my last day when i toured the glass blowing islands with some new Aussie frineds i had made! We went to 4 different island all of which had a unique character. The first was called Moreno where Moreno glass comes from. We went into a factory and saw them at work.My favourite island of the four was famous for lace and its multi coloured houses.
I was realy upset toleave Vencie but little did i realise my next city Rome would be as equaly memorable. I am going to have to fill you in on that another time as i have to go and catch my train to Naples where i will be reuniting with Marley.
All my love

Natalia/ Chelsea xxxxxxxxxxx

P.S i have not spelled checked the entry so please be patient with my spelling and grammar. thankyou :-)