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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Aug 2006

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapWelcome! It's the first entry, how exciting!
Ok, lets just start it all from the top...

----The Flight----
Well, we all know I wasn't over the moon with excitement about this, but the flight actually went really well. The anticipation wasn't so good, and it definately wasn't helped by the fact that the flight was delayed an hour and a half for maitenace as a hydralic thing had malfunctioned...hmmm. Anyways, after far less than noble tears and terrors of hopping on the plane, once I was finally on, the whole trip was utterly fine. Hurruh. Takeoff was very funny- Was listenening to the Mozart audio channel (was on for takeoff), then the moment we actually left the ground, the channel changed. I'm not sure if my elbow hit or it was magic, but in any case the first thing I heard when in the air was shania twain singing 'looks like we made it'. haha, from this moment, all I could do was smile. I found it very funny, and decided to take it as a huckabees blessing (Shania shania shania) and happily settled in- plus I had 3 seats to myself- score!
Only one other thing to say about the flight, and it has to do with the oddness of Austrians. Namely the movies. Namely the extraordinary amouts of movies involving dogs. Dogs with personality. It seems Inspector Rex is only part of a bigger 'hilarious human like dogs' scene here. Showing (and generally the movies were crap and I didn't watch them) was Beethovenm Shaggy Dog, Cats and Dogs, and I saw one scene of someone testing a dog allergy, and another of someone crying that the dog that had saved their life now laying on a vet table. MIghty bizarre.

hehe, this is going to be a long journal. :) Brevity is not one of my natural talents.

I arrived in Vienna at 6 am on Friday morning. Vienna is 8 hours behing Oz. I hadn't slept on the plane, so hadn't slept for 30 hrs. Made my way to the hostel- ironically called 'wombats'. Couldn't check in till 2 so dropped stuff and went walking. Was so exhausted I eventually gave up on that and came back to the hostel, sat on a chair and read till 2. I went to bed at 3 in the arvo. I figured that while for the name of jet lag i should stay awake, for the name of 40hrs with no sleep I should not. I woke upa t 10, and stay dozing in bed till 6. Bloody time zones.

Yay, what a fantastic day!! Got my self a bit organised, had my free breakfast and went to the city centre. It's so beautiful! I forgot to bring my camera down, so will load them up another time. basically I just walked. First I found the museums quarter- modern art, leopold, lichtenstien, plus some great kids museums. One has an interacticve kids thing called Mozart- an ordinary wunderkind about his life. Its meant to be for 6-12 yr olds but damn I want to go. hehe. Maybe I'll have time tommorrow.
It was too early, so didn't go in. Infact looked at the outside of many buildings. Then the natural history and art museum. Amazing buildings. tis two buildings either side of a courty garden, with an enourmous stature of Maria theresa (like the queen vic of Austria). Such incredible details. Even a scupture of an aborigine with a native american indian on the natural history building! Haven't been inside them yet either.
The on the Hofburg. This is the Versailles of Austria, and the seat of the hapsburgs for 600 yrs. When the empire collapsed (emd of WWI) they gave away all their crockery. Sounds odd hey, and the result is museum of for gold, silver, gilt and porcelian than you could imagine. Such incredible granduer. no more