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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Aug 2006

Location: Vienna 2, Austria

MapREAD THE 'VIENNA' NOT 'VIENNA 2' FIRST. I'm babbling too much :)
Favourite thing in the 'silberkammer' (silver room- where all this crockery was) was the Imperial napkin fold. This is a beautiful looking napkin fold, that holds 2 bread rolls in its swirls. BEst hting about it is it is a closly gaurded court secret, only used on state occasions- and thats still the case! Only 2 ppl know how to do it!! Ah these Austrians and their secret napkin folds :)
Then through the Emperor and empresses apartments. I've forgotten his of the franz jospephs maybe, but she is the star- It is Empress Sisi. She is something of a cult here. For as much Mozart weird paraphenalia you find theres some for her too. Find out something about her. Very interesting. She was very sad and felt trapped by court, and was assassinated in Geneva by an italian anarchist in 1896. Poor Sisi. Ppl stiull put flowers on her grave.

Then I just started wandering. Had lunch in a little street, then kept wandering and got lost :) While crossing the road, i met a Nigerian guy called Kyode (say cayote, but pronounce the t as a d). We talked for a while and then played cards at the Rathaus (town hall) for a bit. Very interesting talk about racism stuff- he feels its very strongly here. Very sensative guy, who really doesn't like it here but feels very trapped.
Then off to the Ticket office to find out whats on....oh soo much!
there are Mozart men here- guys dressed up in period costume selling tickets. I met 3. Mr Alban who sold me ticket to trash tourist concert. Robert who was indignant on my behalf that, in his words, the 'bastard' hadn't told me there was a student price even when I asked, and Filum, who sold me a ticket to a string quartet in the haus fur musik.

----Trashy Tourist Konzert----
To be honest, I didn't really want to go to this concert, but I met this ticket man early in the days travels and I still hadn't figured out how it all worked. It was half mozart, half strauss. had string quintet, flute, piano, 2 singers and 2 dancers. And it was crap. I was almost very late. Have no time here, but at some point I will explain cloud theory, as will be used in everything I write about concerts. Also about the newly inventing 'raining' inspired by the trashness of this concert. The Mozart was very boring, so I assumed the strauss would jsut kill me, and I left at interval :) hehe, I walked out of my first concert in Vienna. hahaha. these concerts annoy me, because they get audiences who normally wouldn't go to these concerts and just go because they are in vienna, and they turn it into a superficial performance instead of engagin anyone, and ppl thing with their views that classical music is boring enforced. Ah well, maybe theats vienna. So incredibly kitsch that somehow it comes full circle and is class.

---St Stephans Cathedral Mozart mass----
Amazing cathedral. Had a cheap seat where I could see not a thing, but happily looked at amazing old gothic scary cathedral. Music once again wasn't the most engagin, but maybe it would have been different If I was closer. The sopranos where always flat, but the sop solo was very good. Twas mozart grosse Masse in c minor.

---The Taxi----
Home in taxi on way home. Taxi driver didn't speak english. so the whole way we spoke german. longest concersation I had, and it went so well!!! COuld say all I wanted, granted with many mistakes. But we both understood! Yay. He was called Anton. Very lovely.
Went to bed. not sure if I actually slept or jsut dozxed pretending. Off to the day. Hope you are not all overwhelmed with incessant detail! lots of love x