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Rose’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Aug 2006

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapHello hello! It feels like I have a weeks worth to catch up on...but only one day...haven't even been here a week! So yesterday. very busy day.
The Day of Concerts....
---Karlskirche- Credo Mass----
Up early again, in fact I'm not even sure I fell asleep, my body clock seems to have compromised and decided jsut not to let me sleep at all. Suprisingly I'm still fine, and hopefully I sync in soon.
Walked to the other side of the inner city to Karlskirche, a really amazing beautiful church...once again I have photos but haven't figured that out part of mozart stuff, each sunday they put on a different mass in churches around the city. This was credo mass in C major and it was phenomenal. And it was free cos it was jsut a church service. It was so good. I'm so critical now that I can rarely find too many performances where I can happily acknowledge as good and beautiful, but this was one of them. Music, atmos, all there, plus a fantastic sop solo. best of all, I sat next to an austrian couple and have a very lucid conversation in german. basically mistake free. hurruh. Annie and Herbert, they were lovely. Fantastic way to start the day.

---City Museum---
Just the lcoal museum, next door to the church. exhibition of hundreds of photos from around vienna in 1900...probably more interesting if you know the places now. few great highlights....
-Medieval Stuff- Beautiful frescoes, statues taken out of the huge St Stephens Dom (started being built in 1137, finish 1147, but everyone kept updating it. Was a big fire there in 1954) Suits of armour, helmets, I jsut love it. I am a medieval girl through and through.
Interesting point- Every woman in middle ages paintings has a tiny little double chin. there you go.

-Modern Art- As in 1930s One thing that really grabbed me. Just a written work of about 8 pages. in english for some reason. here are my favourite bits-

Creation is the power of subconscious = feeling
Construction in the power of the brain = interlect

The power of the body is health.
The power of the spirit is concertration.
The power of the subconscious is creation.
Education is the development of these 3 powers. Spiritual education is the development of the constructive power and the fight against the destructive power in every individual.

-Erika Givanna Klein

---Der Musik Haus---

Take the NEwcastle powerhouse. The kids floor. Make it about music and acoustics. Upgrade it about 3 million times. Then you might approach this amazing place. Never been anywhere like it.
*The womb room- (say that fast out loud 10 times)
A room with speakers everywhere, walls floor roof, meant to simulate womb. Gurgles and gushes etc.
*The Mozart Lounge- A dark oval room. red sofas. Mozart remixes. normally I compeletly hate these, but somehow it all worked. lay on a sofa, looked into some wierd purple pink light changing oval about me. Very trancey.


* Also there were SCHUBERTS GLASSES! This really excites me. I'm not even a huge fan, but I am a big fan of the glasses! And I seen the real ones! yay
* The door from Beethovens last house. He moved 63 times. thats a house each 6 months. He was jipped with the last one though...he only got a door...
* Haydn's parrot. Haydn had a parrot. Suposedly is could say papa haydn, and it outlived haydn. It was auctioned and bought by a brother in law of someone esterhazy for the eqivilent of 32, 500 euros. He got jipped to, some museum took it, stuffed it and sat it in a haydn room.

This place was so phenomenal. Have not even touched on all the amzing interactive games...oh, the voice room.

3 poles. TOuch screens. Different mouth shapes and sounds they make. Different consonants. Different graphic notations and the noises they might make. Mad place

---String Quartet concert as the haus der musik---
Really good. one of those odd perforances when not many in audience, and you can tell the performers have roamed off into that odd space of "what the hell are we doing?" nevertheless I find that often makes for good performances :)

---The hunt for dinner---
Rose is going to the opera at 7. She should be there at 6. 30. It is 5. She realises she hasn't eaten. But Austria is a subscriber to the 6 day week. Rose is glad and sad. Hurruh for them, but where shall I eat. Long story short, eventually I eat. Damn long adventure.