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Rose’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 10 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapOK, I am less mad now. Will go back to writing a bit better, and less. :) In order to keep this site readable, and writeable, I'm not going to write all those big long opera rants anymore. hehe, don't all sound so happy!

Random Story No. 1
After ice caves yesterday, I went out that night. Very cool night. Went with a group from the hostel, including a staff member, so we went local. Annnnd I met the naked guy from the Abduction from teh Seralglio opera I'd jsut seen. before we have in hilarious incinuations, I did not recognise him! I of course got talking Mozart, then he said he was the naked guy (this is, at the very beginning, full frontal guy and girl walk on stage). So Bizarre.

So now today, slept in, then went for a city wander. I am loving just wandering around. Went to the Mirabell gardens- very beautiful, then found another ticket office, and tehn discovered a whole lots of shows with tickets left. Sooooo you ready for this. These names will mean little to you unless you're musicy, but a couple are very big...such as

--Pierre Boulez conducting the Vienna Phil.
--Ricardo Mutti conducting the Vienna Phil
--Seeing my lovely tenor man Rainer Trost (!!) in Betulia Liberata (good old Rainer)
--Hagen Quartet

yay!!!! all that for 250 euro- expensive, but really not that expensive at all for how much and of what.

yay!!!! Very excited about Boulez.

Was going to go to open air big screen opera tonight, but raining, so playing cards in the bar instead.

This is awesome :) hehe. hope everyone is well back home x