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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg

MapJust a short update. I found free internet- sweet!!! At the place called the 'kutur lounge' just need the festival house. Plays
recordings on tvs with these awesome lounges all around and free internet. I am loving Salzburg!
Mostly I just walked around again today, but there are two very exciting stories....

1. I met a pupeteer! For those of you who don't know, this is of interest because I'm really keen to do some puppet opera. Anyways, he's english but lives in Spain and, unless he was talking himself up, which I rather suspect he wasn't, he's pretty damn good in puppet circles. Soo I told him about the opera plan, and he was really lovely told me ways to go about it and said I could email him with any queries and to run ideas and logistics by him. So awesome. He mostly does sculpture now, and here for art festival, but makes own puppets, including live size ones operated by counterweights.

2. I'M GOING TO SEE GIDON KRAMER TONIGHT! Oh yeh, thats right. 5 mozart violin concertos, gidon kramer and the kamerata baltic. Sweet. (I bought some more tickets today, but now no more, but I will try to get a bastienne/schauspiel ticket- things are sold out and you jsut go in each day checking for cancels)
Also going to see Don G. COst a bit more than I've been spending since I've sussed out what I can get for what, but hell, its don and I'm keen to see heaps. mind you, I've since sussed out all the 22 operas have been updated! Ah well, that doesn't mean they won't work, its jsut people seem to get carried away, but hopefully I'll see one where the updating works perfectly....with any luck, Don.
Also got a few more tickets to marionette. yay. they are cheap.

off now.....gidon kramer yay!