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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapRose has just seen the best concert of her life.
Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmoic.
Mozart Concerto for 2 pianos in Eb. The piano soloists were Israeli and Palestinian. Amazing.
A new work my a Italian composer called Fabio Vacchi. For orchestra a speech. The talker was Peter Simonschek, who is the title role in the SAlzburgs festival traditional play Jedermann. It was so good to hear some good interesting and captivating contemporary music.
Mozart Jupiter Symphony. Ahhh.

Not alot to say really. It was amazing. I go to pieces in an amazing concert. I am still exhausted. It feels like the whole time my heart is trying to claw out of my chest. By the end of a concert my chest actually hurts quite a bit. hehe :) If I don't have an insane grin on my face then I am crying. >Remarkable. Turns out I'm completely uncynical. Feel like a walking cliche of dramatic concert going, but what can I say :)

The thing I love most about truly phenomenal concerts is that I know that I want to perform. Truly ruly that's what I want to do, but when I see things, and mostly opera, that aren't as powerful as I know they can be, I can't be a vessel for something I disagree with. Seeing the John Eliot Gardiner Figaro, the Luhrmann Boheme (those both only on video) and this concert (which are really the only three) I know that I am utterly happy to give up the reigns, not direct and pour out whatever I can into the music, but I just can't do that when I don't understand why a director might want to do something.

Mind you, knowing that, where the hell does that leave me. No idea. FInd good people and do your own thing I guess. I do not know. But I will.

I was planning to go up to Bremen around the 25th to practice with the choir, but I just can't now, as John Eliot Gardiner and the English Baroque Soloists are playing on the 28th. They are doing Chil mi scordi di te, which is the concert aria I did for my recital, and they are my favourite Mozart performers.

It's not as if I'm running out of things to do In Salzburg- I haven't even really been anywhere yet- been so distracted.

Wandering. Gidon Kramer last night was great to, although did not leave me so thunderstruck as thins mornings concert. He sounds like an amazing guy´started up this youth Camerata and takes them all over the world with him. Love it.

Also loving this kultur lounge. The Vienna Phil new years concert is playing- mind you, they manage to turn everything into a waltz- even eine kleine nachtmusik!

Hope all is well at home. Off to wander more, might even make it inside somewhere, then the Hagen Quartet after that, then open air video of Figaro (probably in the cold dark rain) hehe

The thing I love so much about seeing