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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapJust quickly.
After amazingness of yesterdays concert, went to another truly amazing concert- the Hagen quartet, they have the best, grainiest string noise I've heard. They are all from Salzburg too.
But the interesting thing that happened in between them was this. Rather by accident I found myself in the Mozarteum University, where they are currently holding the Internation MOzart Voice COmpetition. I can go and watch the auditions, which I am off to do soon. After such a powerful morning of such resolve, it was mad walking into this building where I straight away felt like tiny, voice with possible potentional but currently inept and clueless Rose. I had nothing to do there, but I was soooo nervous just being there. Really odd.
Fine though, just testimony to the fact that I have to work at it. Very inspired, and also completely not ready for anything like that yet. But I will happily watch and learn :)

went to a big outside opera (video on screen). Was Figaro, and was not working for me, and I didn't want to spoil my perfect concert day so I left. I didn't stay long enough to have any authority to say anything, but they were making out that Susanna actually liked the Count. No idea how that could possibly work.

I think I have done myself and injustice by my opera rants. Let me just make this point clear. I don't expect opera to be like life. Opera is art and art is not life. It reflects, embellishes and gives us otherways of looking at things. However, it shows us these things by connecting with us, and if things get in the way of this connection, then what is the point?
I know what I want to say here, but not how to. hmmm.

Completely beautiful weather today.
Sat in the MIrabel Gardens for ages this morning. Very lovely.
A nice change from the rain! gotta go. :)

Off to watch audtions. Will