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Rose’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapDon't remember when last one was....hmmm.
I went to Mozart's Wohnhaus (where he lived...on the other side of the river than his geburtshaus- where he was born).
I remember now. That was Sunday, then I wrote on this, then I went to the Voice Comp auditions....

---The International Mozart Voice Competition---
on Sunday arvo and MOnday day I sat in audtions for this big comp. Reallllyyyyyy interesting, learnt heaps, saw some amazing and some not so amzing singers. 2 girls I really liked- ran into one later and turns out they both have the same teacher, lillian watson at the royal college. plus the best of all was this phenomenal finnish bass baritone. jsut had the best stage presence. loved him. Then yesterday went to the final, only jsut making it in time after turning up at the wrong venue. 9 in the final, one aussie. The glorious bass came 3rd (mon deiu!!) although he took out the audience vote cos he was oviously the best performer and engager, a french girl came 2nd, and would you believe the aussie came first. T>o be honest, I didn't like her, but obviously the judges know some thigns I don't. at least she's aussie, yay.

-----Opera friend----

Yay I have an opera friend. I'm at the same hostel for 2 half weeks, and most people come by for 1 or 2 nights, do the sound of music tour then get drunk then leave. I stay for ages and go to opera. hehe. The girl in teh bed opposite me said basically my spiel´2 weeks for opera, and I got very excited that I could talk music with someone, so we've been hanging out which is grand and going to many shows and such. yay.

---Marrionette theatre---

It's so good. Love it. Saw Flute. The puppets are so cool and often I empathise more with them as characters than with real people. really want to learn some puppet stuff.

----Don Giovanni----

This in almost unbelievable, but I am content. I could almost come home happy now. I saw a Don Giovanni which proves I am not unthinkingly predujiced and that was good. It was updated but the characters were perfect and there had been some compensations to allow for the fact that the social structure was different. Every character was portrayed in a way I absolutely agreed with and understood. I don't really have much to say on it. It was good. I am content, although I feel rather odd. It's almost as if I don't need to sing anymore unless I want to- fantastically portrayed characters exist, just as different ones do, which I may not always agree with .If all was the same that would be boring. I maintain with Mozart the best way is jsut to make the characters communicate and connect as best you can and the music does it all, but some others may jsut come from different bases and thats ok.
Very odd and liberating experience. Feel like I can let it all go.


Just went and watched a recording of a figaro (böhm- really good one) Deitrich fisher diskau is a god, and the direction on this recording was really fantastic. Realised things I hadn't noticed before and was really led through the story., Only watched first two acts. Need to do something active this arvo- might climb up to the fortress, then Cosi tonight. yay.

Hope every one is going gloriously :) x