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Rose’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapOh Dio! Crudelle Stelle! Son Morto!!!!

hehe, can you tell I'm in opera mode?

Rainer cancelled!!! The silly old tenor didn't show and we got a boring man. Rainer remains an enigma. Funny german man. Betulia Liberata wasn't so exciting, I don't understand the point of oratorios...jsut make it an opera!

Got a bit of an opera gang going on. Mel (the american from my dorm) and an Aussie guy called Edward. Lots of fun, had dinner and drinks on both side of the opera.

Kate the pashmina is saving my life. Thanks for suggesting it. People are so swanky at the opera, and I wrap the shawl over whtever I'm wearing and I'm set! magic.

I SAW MOZARTS ORIGINAL SCORE OF FIGARO AND THE JUPITER SYMPHONY: PLus some others, but those were my faves. Had to drag myself out of the room.

Weather has gone hot and sunny.

Bought a ticket to celmenza di tito.....very excited, watched some on video, saw the set, and edwards seen everything and said it was the best. can't wait, same director as Don. NO more tickets for rose!

No shows today.

Last couple of days been hanging out with a lovely guy from Milan- went up to the fortress here (built 1077) and had incredible conversations about people and brains and the world. Very awesome.

Sit on the banks of the Salzach alot....disgustingly idylicc...of to lunch there with edward soon. him and mel at a concert now. and I'm off. Hope all is well, I am :) xxx