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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Aug 2006

Location: Salzburg, Austria

MapTis Tuesday morning and Mel and I are sitting in a cafe with free wireless using her computer. Yay.

Yesterdaz was the most perfect day of may travels. So good.
Let the story begin....

One fine Monday morning, Melinda and Rose decided they'd been sitting on their arses watching opera for too long, and it was time to sit those bottoms of theirs on a bike seat instead and follow the bike track down the river. This they did and what an adventure they had! For Salzburg was a very bike friendly town, with a serious bike bell etiquette that our naive heroines where ignorant of. Nevertheless, they pedalled out of town for many a league (that sounds more in the style of the story, but I have no idea what that means, but actually we went 8 ks out of town). The river changed colour and they were cycling through idyllic alpine scenery. Mel and Rose stopped for a strawberries and chocolate picnic on the grass, on the side of the river that turned out to be the private property side where one is not supposed to ride. Alas. The two found a place for lunch, but oh, no ordinary place was this. It was a bench. In the river. In. In the river. As in, wade through the cold shallows and sit on a bench. Huzzuh. But, Oh gott! What torment! For this seems to be no ordinary river bank....our heroines have discovered a naked man! The bench that they wish so dearly to sit on is facing the bank on the other side, where a naked man resides soaking up the Austrian sun. What shall they do?? Just sit there anyway and make sure to face each other, not straight ahead? Is he some freaky exhibitionist who put the seat there? Eventually, our heroines bite the bullet and decide a bench in the Salzach is not to passed up, freeze their feet off, reach their destination and resolutely ignore the naked man, who occasionally does not ignore them. The naked man, is harmless, just very naked. What an adventure. Mel and Rose cycle back, and go home to relax before the opera.

La Clemenza di Tito...............

OH MY GOD. This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Astonishing. unbelievably fantastic. moving, powerful, perfect, impressive, acted incredibly, sung inpeccably. Was the same director as Don, and conducted by Harnoncourt. He looks like Jack Nicholson as the devil. So fantastic. Tis the same as a 2003 production, which they recorded and I bought at the end. Must be watched over and over. So good to see an opera that I know very little about, and so good to see just a completly, indeniably good production.

I sat next to a Ukranian girl, who was there with her friend who writes for a magazine in Kiev. Mel and I had drinks with them after. Tatyana and Victoria. So now I have an invite to go a stay in Kiev, which I may take up becuase tatyana (the one i sat next to and who spoke english) was so funny and spoke so fast and was excited about everything. I think she'd be an awesome host. They are going to Idomeneo tonight, and so are we three (Mel and Edward and I) so we are all having dinner before. huzzuh.

Todays Random Story..................

In February (I think) I went out with chamber choir to sing wigth Michael Crawford in the vineyards. Was a random day, but I met a cellist from the orchestra there and we had a great chat, and discovered we were both headed to Europe soon. We swapped emails but both lost them. I met her at breakfast in the hostel this morning. How completly bizarre. She's in Salzburg till Sunday, and in Germany rather indefinately, so we can catch up at various points. How bizarre the world is. We're hanging out tommorrow night, and I get to have a go of her cello which is very exciting cos I really feel like playing something, demented though I am.

Enough for now, except to say that I am a complete fool and didn't bring my camera USB cable. I brought my mp3 one. Silly Rose. Sooooo, I'm posting some of Mel's photos here, and I can post mine when I find a puter with an SD drive, or when I fill up a card and put them on a cd. hmmmm....silly silly rose.

Hope everyone is doing well. It's raining again in Salzburg. Seems to do this alot, so Mel and I are off to Edwards B&B to music and chill, before coming back in for Idomeneo. yay.

Lots of love x