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Rose’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Aug 2006

Location: Austria

MapHello hello :)

Let's work backwards here...

Today...Housekeeping kind of morning getting set to leave, then Mel and I off to Edwards place to swap music and eat our leftover cooking. Off to marionette Figaro now, then meeting for festival red wine, which we plan to drink classily from the bottle, as a slap in the face to the very swanky festival :)

Very cool day. We (means me mel and ed) hired a car! A brank new black polo vw. very nice- edward could drive it and was muuuch cheaper than public transport. went out to Werfen and I wandered around while they went to the ice caves (I've been) then we went up to the fortress...very fine. Saw a falconry show, and i was hit in the head by a wing of a bald eagle!
Photos coming. Back home.

Yester yesterday.....I think we went and cooked food at Edwards, and then went to Idomeneo that night....after a very haphazerd meeting with the Ukranian girls. we met a five, and unkown to them, that we when their show started :)
Idomeneo interesting. Singing awesome but not wowed by the production.

hope everyone dandy,
Tchüss x