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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Aug 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapI am in Germany. huzzuh. trains today. thats all, and now here I am at Gordon and Marialy's place. That's gordon as in from newcastle and his girlfriend. They have a really cute little place here, and they are excited about the comfort of their new sofa, so I'm in the master bedrooom! Score.
how random that I am in germany staying with Gordon.
So I am here rehersaing with the choir till the 29th when we leave.
Gordon tells me I'm here at a good time and there's a big festival this weekend....yay for more festivals.

----Don G rethink----

Should just clear this up methinks. The festival production was not amazing, but it was what I needed to see in terms of characterisation. This means we can all go to shows, having something we want to see, be it a certain aria, good singing, intersting interpretation etc. and if we are impressed by that aspect we can forgive many other things. What a calm conclusion from a normally fiery in regards to Don G Rose.


Bye Salzburg, I shall return before I leave. Things I meant to say but forgot...
1. People really do wear lederhosen
2. Women wear traditional dress as swanky clothes to the opera
3. Oliva. I mentioned most of the awesome people I met, but i didn"t mention oliva, just becuase was at bad writing time. this is not fair as Olivia was awesome. From Southhampton and we had great conversations about existential crises and could understand we were both genuine as opposed to mad and prentitious as most people who haven't had something like this assume we are. yay. you're awesome olivia. Merriment to you :)
4. Bye bye salzburg.

good night everyone :) x