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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 29 Aug 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapHello all, Not really that much to say....I'm in Bremen going to rehearsals...ummm...yep, that about sums it up right there :)

Tis going fine, and had a fantastic last night. I cooked for marialy and gordon, and sung opera very loudly in the kitchen, which i very badly needed to do.

I am sick of bread and pasta and such. I hardly ever eat it at home and tis starting to make me feel a bit awful. yeuk. Bring on some Spanish fruit.

Looks like an au pair thing may be happening in novemeber, with a friend of janelle's who has 10mnt ish twins. They are living in a tiny village in the very south between freiburg and the french border. Would be nice to live somewhere small, although in the cold it may just send me mad. Would be nice to be with some kids tho!

Off to another 6 hr rehersal today...tra la la la la

lots of love to all xx