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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Sep 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapWell.....what an unfortunate absence from this page. After such impressive beginnings, the cruelties of the craziness of spains opening hours conspired against me. In Spain, things don"t open till 10ish, then the close for siesta and then for when were where there there was some big party, so the whole town jsut closed. Alles geschlossen! Everything Closed! to catch up on alll.....A day by day account is not going to happen, so I"ll give you the gist and the highlights....

We drove in 3 cars to spain, via paris. Took 2 days. We were there for 2 choral festivals. The first in a little place out of Bilbao, the second in a little place out of Burgos. Essentially, the festival consisted of us driving hours to some utterly tiny spainish village every night, singing in a very old church, then the town feeding us dinner. Was very awesome to get to go to these tiny places that otherwise you wouldn't be able to. Was also fantastic to be thrown into tour mode and spend 24 7 with an awesome group of ppl for 2 weeks.

Already there is sooo much I have forgotten, tis good when I can write on this everyday!

The Vege food was relitavely non existent, especially at the first place we stayed, and i was starting to go a little mad from a lack of decent food, so one dinner i sat thinking for about 2 hours about how i could cook myself some decent food using the only thing we had- a kettle. I got home and built a stove kind of thing out of cardboard and foil, put a wire tray on top and kettle underneath, which luclkily kept steaming, and then cooked lentil and chick peas and mushies and zucchini and tomato stuf....was awesome....felt so resourceful!!!

The Music went really well. Was great to sing with the choir, and some of the msuic of course i didn't like, and some i really did. There were 3 stephen leek pieces, and one of them.....would you believe...i actually liked. Kondalla, was so nice, and the girls got to walk into the audience to sing, and it worked really well in the churches and was great to watch the boys sing. Very fun.

Crazy parties of singing cat empire in the car, dancing in the woods one night....very funny, plus a whole lot of singing and impro with 2 guitars and a drum hting, which has a german name that i ahve forgotten :)

I have heard that shani twain song twice more in spain, very randomly starting with 'looks like we made it'. heheh, huckabees blessings are following me!

Another special day----we went out to a lake, and i went for a big walk where hopefully noone could hear me, and i sung Don G really loud over an idyllic spanish lake. Bye bye don. Was very cool.

Well, it was a fantastic trip, with funny spanish people, bad food, then good food, but the same kind of food, hehe, i became a big tortilla fan (seeing as how it was that or more bread cheese and salad) bats in our room, crazy other choirs, bad massed choir and 5500 km in 2 weeks.

The plan is to stay in bremen for the rest of the week, then go somewhere on my way to bonn, then my intensive month of german at the goethe institute begins. hurruh.

Lots of love to everyone, hope all is well, thinking of you rosie x