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Rose’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Sep 2006

Location: Bremen, Germany

MapHello lovely people :)

I am currently staying in a hostel in bremen. Have been staying with the lovely Steffi from the choir since our return on Friday, but tis good for all to have our own space for a little bit. Have had a fantastic nothingy day, walking reading, good food. Very nice.
On Sunday Steffi and I rode bikes out to Bremen Nord, about 22 ks. Everything here is so bike friendly and it was beautiful ride along the river. When there, we met up with Lukas and Ole, once again from the choir, and then lagically ran into another from the choir, Daniel, who while we were trying to contact, rode his bike up the hill. What serendipity :) So we all went back to his place for dinner. Very lovely evening.
Next night went to see an aussie band. How random. Called Naked Raven. Do people who actually listen to JJJ know this band? are they not known in oz, or are they jsut not known by me??? Was pretty cool tho, although a little chilled out sometimes for me, and you jsut want to the damn singer to put her whole voice behind it!

Met up with Tomoyo yesterday, and again will do so in an hour or so. Lovely random Newcastle connection. She's doing well, tho a little bored waiting for uni semester to kick off.

There is a mozart opera here- 'il re pastore' which is a co production with the salzburg fest. Maybe I will go tonight....not sure....main issue is I have no idea how to get to the theatre, and then will prob need a taxi back which is expensive, plus its an early opera which means its arias ad nauseum......hmmmmmm....we;ll see what mood grabs me when I'm neart the ticket office.

Oh and I'm wrong about the place I'll be staying with the au pair thing. It's near munich (well 2 hrs near) not frieburg.....i completly invented the other scenario. donaeworth....soemthing like that. Alles klar.

Library here is awesome....been music photocopying...yay. Want a piano and an empty room now.

Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx