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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2006

MapHola all :)
Will write a real entry soon. Right now I am in Lubeck. Tis very nice, these next few days are very random, as basically I am going whereever I can get a bed as I neglected to book anywhere. hehe, ah well, tis good for me to do such out of character things no?
There is a marionette theatre here. Saw a little kids show today, but was with hand puppets not marionettes. Rather ridiculously, I am returned to Bremen once more on thursday, because Daniels lovely mother (daniel is a bass from the choir and I stayed at their place a few nights) has a crazy music friend, and I was offered a music singing day, and I never pass them up, so back to bremen I go. Much to say, not enough time, but soon- never fear, I am keeping track and know all i wish to tell you :)
lots of love, hope the world is grand, I am off to continue on my maddenning search for a supermarket x