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Rose’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Sep 2006

MapHello all,

I feel like rubbish today. No particular reason, but everythings a bit too much, so I went and bought lots of mozart music. Ahh, Rose's retail therapy..opera scores. arghhhh, mind you, there's no damn place where I can sing properly, so it jsut sends me more mad!

2 puppet shows today (haven't been there yet) one little kids one, like one a saw the other day, and one produciton fropm Berlin of Rigoletti, a verdi opera. uses glove puppets tho not marionnettes. The biggest private collection of puppets here too, and spent ages talking to the lady which was good.

Going to Köln tommorrow, only bc that was the only place i oculd actually get a bed. Germany has gone mad.

argghhh raghhh meehhh....send me email hugs please x