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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 29 Sep 2006

Maphello! vite vite.
1.i feel much better today :)
2. Bombshell- no au pairing. Simone has found someone who will stay for a yr which they prefer. All ok, can fit in some stuff iwasn't sure how too now. Problem is i was counting on 3 months of static finances, which is now gone, so while i haven't really been super stingy, now I must be. which means no proper entry till bonn in a few days. this internet sooo expensive, cheap place broken.
3. I'M still in Lubeck. amazing table marrionettes, staying seeing the show many times, met president of german branch on marionnete stuff. big conference in perth in 2008. mad.
4. lots of love hope all well
5. matthew I hope you don't get a phantom limb syndrome