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Rose’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Oct 2006

Location: Bonn- Bad Godesburg, Germany

MapHello!! Rose is at a computer! Smiles and hugs to all :)

Sooo, It's still not time for that big mother of an entry where I finally bore you all with the tiny details of my last 2 weeks, as right now I am only a break from class.

However, now I have free internet access, albeit it on that seems to hate my email and won't actually let me write anything- hopefully its only this computer and later I can finally send some emails!!

So I stayed in Lübeck will Monday, trained to Bonn, stayed there 2 nights, then yesterday came out to the goethe institute. It is in Bad Godesburg, just like a suburb of Bonn. Tis very beautiful, and all autumny. Very cool apartment, my own room and sharing kitchen and stuff with a lovely girl from taiwan.

In interest of sharing computers I must go now, but I'm back in touch and shall hoard myself a computer sometime soon and write a proper entry.

viel spass alles,
rose pose x