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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Bonn- Bad Godesberg, Germany

MapWell, here it is. The entry I'm sure you all though would never happen, and to be honest, neither did I. Nevertheless, here it is. My last 3 weeks, in a very short sort of fashion.....huzzuh. Don't remember exactly what I have written before, so I shall just start from when we got back from Spain to Bremen...

Sun 17 September (long time agooooo)
So, for most of my time back in Bremen I was staying with the lovely Steffi, a girl from the choir. Sleeping on the sofa and being made to feel very welcome. On Sunday, we were both a bit mad from so much sitting on a bus, so we went on a big bike ride to bremen nord, bout 20 ks out of bremen along the river the whole way. these germans have got the whole bike riding thing worked out very well....mind you, there is not a hill in sight in bremen so its very easy and lovely. In bremen nord met up with a couple of guys from the choir, then magically another one found us and we all ended up going back to his place for dinner. How lovely. Music food people, all good. back on the train hehe.

Mon 18- Does anyone know the band Naked Raven?? they are an aussie band, which I havent heard of but that hardly means anything as ive basically heard of no one. hehe. anyways, went and saw and aussie band in bremen. how odd. very good tho.

Tues 19 and wed 20. all good staying with steffi, but wanted to give her a break and I wanted some alone time too. booked into a hostel for 2 nights, and basically did nothing except read a book about a bolivian prison as it was the only thing in english.

Thurs 21- choir party. huzzuh. good to see all again, then out into some ridiculously crowded club.

Fri 22- Move house for a few days to the place of a guy from the choir, Daniel. very lovely and chilled out time. His mum, christiane is so so lovely too.

sat 23- i offer to be the chef for sunday lunch, so shopping for things, to a lake then go and see 'das parfum' with christiane and her friends. maybe this movie is out in oz. if so, don't see it. its rubbish, but was a fun night regardless.

sun 24 .....READ THIS DAY IF YOUR ONLY SKIMMING :) Definately one of my top 2 or 3 days for goodness and complete randomness. Cooked for hours in the morning, and made very delisious roast veges and polenta. daniels grandmother (anagrete) and her freind from new zealand were also coming for lunch. after lunch, they were both going on a boat down the river with friends of anagrettes, and I was invited along. So off i go. So off I go with 2 lvoely grandmothers to a boat with 3 lovely german retirees on it to cruise down the river. Very nice, and i drove the boat the whole way back. sweet!!! then it gets funny. this funnyness assisted by red wine. the boat owner man (sorry world, have forgotten names!) had cooked a beautiful dinner, and we had red, then beer, then they brought out the shcnapps too!!! crazy. I need to explain the new zealander. very pious, very proper, very careful--but on this evening getting tipsy and ridiculous and it was jsut one of the funniest damn things I have ever seen. after schanpps, another wine was brought out. when she was offered it, she said no first...then ....'is it white?'...then 'is it sweet?'.....oh ok.....then we had to walk back up the pier together, had to hold on to her hoping we weren#t going to fall into the river.....unbearably funny. just cannot express how utterly funny this evening was! when they dropped me home, walked in to find steffi and lucas and ole were also there! hurruh, movie time, bbut for a good 10 minutes I jsut utterly cracked up. my god it was funny. I still laugh out loud when I think about it. Soo fantastic.

mon 25- back to bremen, meet up with another guy from the choir and back to my 2nd home at steffis place :)

Tues 26- Lübeck. on the train I meet a lovely old woman, who told me all about her invovlement in the really is a case of #don't mention t he war here....very touchy, but she though everyone should always talk about it otherwise they will forget. She was i nthe first group of germans that went to coventry to rebuild, and now she helps running that program. she grew up in lübeck, so walked with me to show me my hostel. how lovely.

wed 27- there is a beautiful church in lübeck called the marienkirche. mostly momb destroyed. at one end, they have left the church bells broken where they fell as a protest against war and violence. magic church. like it alot. to a puppet show. ok, but very very kiddy. to the opera. albert herring, a britten opera. lübeck has about 200000 ppl, and the opera was suck incredible quality for that. so impressive. but main character sick, and fill in not so good.

thurs 28. was going to go back to bremen for singing with one of christianes friends, but we mopved it back to later as she has too much work .all fine with me, jsut stay in lubeck! went to see a touring marinette company from berlin doing so good. table marionettes, mostly acted, music as background, sometimes the whole thing with out any speaking, jsut good. talked to them afterwards, and turns out hes the head of the german marionette group....i seem to meet the right ppl where puppets are concerned. rather randomly, the next international conference is in 2008 in perth!!! why?!?!? maybe theres good puppet stuff at wapa?

fri 29- went to thomas manns house, and rigoletto again.

sat 30- to be honest, dont really like lübeck so much. not that i dont like it, dont know what it is, but i wouldnt have stayed so long if it wasnt for seeing shows. domestiv day today, then go to see lohregrin (wagner) a guy who works in the hostel is in the chorus! hehe, it goes for 5 hours, and it cost 5 euro...thats like a dollar and hour!

sun 1- really like the marien kirche, so i went to a service there. turns out it was thanksgiving, and there was acting and kids and I by accident ended up sitting next to the other priest of that church and didn#t find out for ages and tehy fed us all soup, with a vegetarion option. maddness. there was lunch sorted :) was attacked by a swan by the river, but luckily, after some help of passers by, i have survived to tell the tale :)

mon 2- to bonn. hostel weirdness, so stay in town in hotel thing, very cool room and not really to expensive.