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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Oct 2006

Location: Bonn - BD 2, Germany


tues 3- Beethoven Haus (beethoven is from Bonn) very fine. to the opera, bonn river walk. tis o nthe rhein.

wed 4 to goethe institute. entry tests, get my room etc etc. settle in. hurruh, i have a room.

thurs 5- class. So, i have class mon-fri 8.30 to 1. until the 28th october. tis very nice here, but so quiet!!! dont't know how else to describe it, tis just, quiet. rented a bike. makes it easier to go home at night, also tis only 8 ks into bonn along the river. you'll be appaled to know dad that no one wears helmet!

sooo know, what this all means is I'm in one place, generally just studying, so I shall write only about days when something actually worth writing about ahppens.

sat 7- into Köln. modern art museum, very controversial homesexuality exhibition on....i have never seen so much nudity in my life. haha, crazy crazy.

sun 8- perfect day :) there was a puppet theatre touring here doing stravinsky firebird!!!!! crazy. went to see it. orchestra really good, but puppets not amazing. back to bd (bad godesburg, like a suburb 5 mins on train from bonn) cooked, then went back to bonn, this time with bike along the rhein...ah sooooo nice. came back and cooked tortilla with the spanish elena :) tortilla became a staple in spain, was grand to eat it again :)

this is of interest to no one except matt probably. I bought 'night letters' by robert dessaix in german for a euro. haha, remember that?? my 3 unit english and german trip worlds collide!

so now its thursday (the weeks go sooooo quick) going home to cook now, then will go for a ride, then going out tonight to some jazz at a irish pub. on the weekend I am going back to bremen for the weekend for a couple of concerts. hurruh.

hope everyone is going well, I feel very good to have caught up with all of this, love and hugs and smile, miss everyone
rose pose x