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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Oct 2006

Location: Bonn, Germany

MapHalllllooo leute!!!

Hoping all is going well with everybody. Thinking of you often and sening you lots of love. So, I am still in Bonn, but the course finishes on Friday, then I'm on on more adventures (Dresden, Prague, Bremen, Berlin....)
But whats been going on....hmmmm...well,
1. German german german german german
2. lots of bike rides and walks...although its starting to get cold. Had been uncharacteristically not cold tho they say. Been searching for chipmunks, in german they are called by the near unpronouncable word eishornchen, but they are very sweet.
3. We put on a concert in the institute, and it went really well!! was me, one of the guys who works here called martin who sings and guitars, and 2 other guys here studying who played piano. Sung in german did lots of other things, which included making a puppet so I could sing a duet out of the magic flute!! So, with the resources totalling whatever I could find in the park ,and a glove I had already, i made a Papageno puppet. he is like a bird, so had leaves for feathers and chesnut eyes. have my camera usb cable now so will post piccies if i can figure out how to do it.
4. Other things have of course been going on, but nothing thats particulary noteworthy. I'm sure this blog will be a lot more intersting when I'm actually travelling around again, which happens this weekend!

Lots of love to all xxxx

I am utterly sure there is something important I have forgotten to say, but ah well.....bis später :)