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Rose’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Oct 2006

Location: Bonn for the last time!, Germany

MapCurrently in a german appartment with others preparing a spanish feast. Well of course.
All good. So, this is the last entrz I\ll write from Bonn Bad Godesberg.
had a verz cool wednesdaz night. went into koln with an american girl, saw a concert, the whole trip was very random, and we took the wrong train ra ra ra, was very funnz, and all in the all, the 30min trip from koln took us 3 hrs. got home at 1am. ohi me
So tommorrow I go to Dresden, not reallz to spend along time there, which I will do sometime later, but its in the right direction towards prague, and i didnt want to do the whole trip to prague in one day incase something happened with the train and I was late as i must go to the opera that night to see Don G on the special 29th day.
So don\t reallz know what Im soing till xmas. I keep coming up with complex plans to get to estonia, but then i give up when i realise jsut how expensive it is. well, i jsut keep flipping back and forth between zes im going and no im not. who knows what will end up happening. For now, I know im going to dresden, prague, then bremen then berlin *that takes us up to the 12ish*
So, this is the end of the free internet for a while, mind zou, i think the amount that i write on this thing is not neccesarilz proportional to what I do, but rather to how manz people I have to talk too. that means that coming up, i should be writing heaps more, as we enter a bit of solo travel time. hehe, we\ll see what happens.
love to all, merriment xox