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Rose’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 Oct 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapHello hello all,

Rose is in Prague!! Sweet :)

*** Things I have previously forgotten to say
1. (and I have been meaning to say this since vienna) bananas are a euro a kilo!!!! mwaa haa haa i eat bananas every day. poor aussie people without bananas.
2. I saw duck shooting in Bonn. How random, was riding my bike through some farm land and then notived that there were about 20 men standing around with guns. Bit of a shock, then saw the dog and realised. saw them shoot a duck. was soooo horrible. Apparently thats utterly unnormal for that area.
3. Think of a normal german sterotype. One is punctuality and trains running on time. Let me take this oppourtunity to tear that one down. the trains are always late. Always. they always tell you that they are late and by how much, but still.

Hurruh. So i left Bonn on the 28th and went to Dresden. Train was late, so I missed my next one so the trip took ages. Stayed in a cool hostel...very funny, the moment I'm back into hostels jsut meeting aussies everywhere again! So hung out with 3 girls from adelaide. The excting thing about that is that i got to be the translator!!! i have been waiting for that day. sweet. then off to prague. Met a couple of brazilian guys on the train who were having trouble with reservation stuff (seats on trains) I myself only just firgured this out, so explained to them, then in prague we all went to same hostel. cool.

Then.....Don Giovanni....29th October....Prague. This is the day it was premiered, in the same theatre i saw it in, conducted by Mozart. This theatre is incredible!!!!! so beautiful. The Don G was good, but by no means incredible. Exciting just to be there though.

Yesterday wandered around Prague to orient myself, then off to clemenza di tito. this is the other opera commisioned by prague and premiered once again in the same theatre a\conducted by mozart. mozart died 5 months later. It was really really good. once again, the sesto was phenomenal, and one to the singers was from new zealand!

Which brings us to today. Wandering around with the aussie 2 today methinks and figaro tonght!! hurruh, that means in three days, thats the 3 prague special mozart operas! Figaro was a big hit and led to the commision of Don g.

think thats all :) heres the quote from the museum in bonn that i love...

"we are all merely tunnels through which the spiritual wave must pass. All we can do is refine and perfect this wave and keep the body receptive and sensative. Through our response, we will increase its power. This is the century of rhythm.
It is destiny that new things must be fufilled"

---stupidly i didnt write down who it was by. this is in the guggenheim museum and this was by someone who wrote a treatise on art....umm...forgotten the genres name,.,,some kind of abstract art. Anyways, i like it.