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Rose’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Nov 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapYesterday was such and unbelievably long day. not in a bad way at jsut went forever! the 2 brazilians, the 2 aussies and I hung out all day, walked for hours and hours around prague, went up to prague castle, had lunch and beer and then I took them to Figaro!! they all got 30krona tickets....this is about a euro! sweet. and figaro was good! yay. the susanna was rubbish and thats a bit devestating, but it was really interesting as no one really stood out as amazing, but the production still held togehter really well. thats unusual. sat next to some lovely people and had big interesting opera chats. tis ridiculous, i get so overwhelmed. :) ohi me.
Prague is very beautiful, but to be honest, not as beautiful as I expected. maybe its just cos i|m not a city girl. not sure. anyways, got more days here so will sus it more out. definately are some very beuatiful places! Am tempted to head off on an adventure with the 2 aussies (a couple from perth) to vienna then bled in slovenia, famous for being unbearably beautiful and chilled, but theres still so much i want to do in prague, and i have seen any puppetry stuff yet, so as nice as it would be to actually travel with the same people from point a to b, and then stay with them there, think i\ll stay in prague.

ich vermisse deutsch sprechen. Meine schreiben ist ganz nicht gut (meine sprechen ist viel besser) aber jetzt, als ich hab niemand zu mitsprechen, ich muss schreiben. Was passiert wann man das in babelfish ubersetzen? Wie ist meine deustch wolfgang oder thomas? oder jemand anderes die deutsch verstehen? Ich verspreche das ich kann besser sprechen, aber vielleicht nur denn die fahlen sind vorbei schneller.

wolfgang- was denkst du....ich mochte zu auch italienisch lernen. wenn ich ein italien kurs fur ein monat machen in sommer wurde mein kopt stirbt? wurde mein deutsch confusiert sein? oder wurde ich be all receptive zu neu sprache nahc so viel deutsch schon gelernt?

please dont laugh at my atrocious grammar german people :)

cellos- does anyone know whats up with tony???? sent him and email but havent heard back. is he in germany?

love to all xxxxxx