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Rose’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 05 Nov 2006

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Map-Warning- Opera Heavy Post-

Soooo, today and yesterday.

Yesterday I went to lots of opera. 6 hours of Mozart.

Die Zauberflote-

Awesome Production!! Kind of like the JEG production which uses people to be the set and props, but this one had about 15 dancers in red flowing robes that matched a perimeter curtain. There was also one big colourful cloth over the to of the stage that could be raised and lowered to be a normal curtain, mountains buildings, roofs....everything. was blue and green and yellow. very fantastical and effective. The Tamino was hilariously wooden, but it almost doesnt matter with him, and he had a very beautiful voice. Completely didnt like the Pamina- a voice can be as technically perfect as you like, but if it still isnt basically beautiful whats the point? The Papageno was fantastic. Oh, also, it was in Czech. english and german subtitles. How cool, i have seen a flute in czech. So Papageno was soo good. i think Tis true that some roles are easier to connect with because they are inherantly cute and funny roles that an audience automatically likes. That said, it is still no excuse not to make other roles work.


(Its 30 krona, why not??) Go Figaro. Oddly, it was more that half a different cast to last time. Susanna and cheribino i think were the only ones that were the same, and possible the count and figaro were swapped but i couldnt tell. Interesting to see differnt people i nthe same production, and funnily the susanna didnt annoy me nearly as much. not sure whether it was becuase she was better or that i was prepared or that she is really affected by who else she is on stage with. Still much more of a twit than i Like susanna, but ah well.
*A top moment* At the very end, jsut before the count is about to ask for forgiveness, he looks at Figaro, who subtly pretends to play a guitar, jsut like he has in se voul ballare at the beginning where he promised to get the count. While this is a little bit of unfair credit taking on behalf of figaro, who really had nothing to do with this revenge, it was nevertheless very fine.

ok, end of opera section. :)

Today, felt like shit in the morning, product of a 2 nights of freaky dreams and exhaustion, so stayed in the room and sung. All getting better. walked and had some food and a hot cocoa and wrote in my diary until my pen ran out. All fine now :) Saw a pick pocket get arrested. Was a bit mad, she was grabbed just by normal people who saw it, then naturally, being the voyeurs we are (myself included) people stopped and watched. She was yelling and I found it pretty horrible. There was american lady near me who stamped her foot and yelled for them to put her on the ground (its raining mind you) so she could get away. she made a break, but they caught her, then the police took her. Was really interesting- can completely understand how easy it would be for a mob mentality to develop.
Went to the communist museum. was really interesting- they do their museums well here in old Europe :)

Having an opera free night tonight (its only verdi anyways). Head off tommorrow to Bremen.

Merriment to all xxx